Ultra Durable Ceramic Coatings.

Want to make your friends jealous?

The Toughest Ceramic Coating in the Industry.

Ceramic Coatings provide lasting protection to your vehicle’s paintwork.  Having the most experience with coatings in all of arizona, our installs are professional with the highest level of quality.  Inquire today on a 2-9 year expert applied ceramic coating for your vehicle.    

Product Highlights:

Our Meticulous Six Step Process

A follow us service is scheduled 2 weeks after application to inspect surface and coating performance.


Pre wash to clean surface.


Decontamination and exfoliate the paint.


Our Signature Paint Perfection system to correct surface.


Final wash to remove polishes and ready paint for coating.


Panel prep solution for coating adhesion.


Apply ceramic coating one panel at a time.

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Scheduling. Simplified.

Scottsdale Store


15015 N 74th St.

Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Mobile Service

Please allow a 2 hour window for scheduling purposes from the time you selected.    

Gilbert Store


560 E Germann Rd

Gilbert, AZ 85297