Ceramic Coating

Matchless Levels of Gloss, Surface Slickness, Swirl and Chemical Resistance.

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Your Ceramic Coating Experts

Gtechniq’s Crystal Serum Ultra was formulated to be the pinnacle of ceramic coatings.  Here at Pit Stop Auto Detailing, we have pioneered the ceramic coating market and bring the most experience in all of Arizona.  Our ceramic coating offers an immense amount of shine, protection from the harsh Arizona sun, provides a scratch resistant surface, never need to wax your car again and a whole lot more…

Product Highlights:

  • Provides a Smooth and Slick Surface.
  • Scratch and Stain Resistant.
  • Intense and Sustainable Shine.
  • Easy to maintain with just a wash.
  • UV Protection.
  • Thicker than Wax.
  • Extremely Hydrophobic
  • Exceptional & Exclusive Formula offered to very few Companies.

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Our Unique 7 Step Process


Decontamination wash to prepare surface


Tape off all trim and plastics


Multi-Stage Perfect Paint Polish system to remove surface imperfections


Final wash and surface inspection


Panel prep solution for coating application


Apply ceramic coating

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