Auto Detailing Services

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A variety of wiping, scrubbing, conditioning, and coating methods make up our line of interior services. We use only the highest quality products, made without damaging/greasy ingredients, but with polymers specifically designed to deep clean the and bring surfaces back to life and protect them from wear. Our goal is to make your interior look and feel like it is new again. We can bring your car back to life with a deep cleaning and conditioning or just tidy it up with a quick wipe down and vacuum.

Here’s a few of the interior services we offer:

  • Thorough interior vacuum

  • Light wipe down

  • Shampoo Carpets

  • Shampoo floor mats

  • Deep cleaning upholstery

  • Scrub console areas and dash/steering wheel

  • Clean vents

  • Deep cleaning leather/vinyl services
  • Leather/vinyl conditioner

  • Interior protective coatings (Optimum Polymer/Gtechniq)


Our exterior services offer the industries best methods of cleaning, protecting, and correcting your the outside of your vehicle. From a basic hand wash to an extensive cleaning, we can give any vehicle the fine shine!

Here’s a few of the exterior services we offer:

  • Deep cleaning wheels

  • Hand washing
  • Wax

  • Polymer Sealant

  • Tire dressing

  • Clay bar 

  • Foam cannon decontamination

  • Ceramic paint coatings (Opticoat Pro Plus, Gtechniq Crystal Serum)

  • Carnauba machine applied wax
  • Zymol Premium Handwax 

Paint Correction

Paint correction is actually a term used to describe buffing and polishing paint or clear coat to correct swirling, scratches, spider-webbing, marring, scuffs, and staining/etching.

Our signature paint correction system utilizes a selection of professional polishes and a constantly evolving process to keep up with the industry and our own standards. Whether you are just looking to get a deeper shine or looking for a concours level finish Pit Stop is the place to go for your paint correction needs!

Here’s a few of our paint correction services:

  • DA polishing

  • Heavy compounding

  • 3-in-1 polishes

  • Scratch removal

  • Touch up paint application

  • Spot Buff

Even More

We offer even more options at Pit Stop to make your detailing experience more extensive-check out all of our additional services!

  • Undercarriage cleaning

  • Dent Removal 

  • Windows

  • Headlight Restoration

  • Clear Bra

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