Professional Window Tint & Film Protection

Automotive Window Tint

When the Arizona temperature gets too hot, the cabin of your vehicle becomes unbearable. Pit Stop Auto Detailing offers window tinting for your vehicle to keep the harsh sun from damaging the interior surfaces and to keep the cabin much cooler. Whether you are looking for privacy, heat rejection from the sun, or both, let our expert staff help you find out the best film and its use for your vehicle and its use. Pit Stop Auto Detailing uses the industry leading films from 3M to protect and to enhance the image of your vehicle. We have many options to choose from ranging in darkness and colors to complement your vehicles appearance.



  • The latest in non-metal, nano-hybrid, Carbon technology
  • Non-reflective “black” finish that will not fade
  • Superior heat, infared, and UV rejection for increased comfort
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty


  • Reduces heat up to 60% TSER and 97% IR rejection
  • Non-metallized, no signal interference
  • Blocks 99.9% UV rays up to SPF1000+, protects interior and skin
  • Never changes color, reduces glare
  • Maintains vehicle’s original appearance
  • Enhances visibility at night
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
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