Opticoat Protection

Superior scratch resistance and permanent protection.

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Paint Protection Coatings offer the newest technologies to enhance and to protect your vehicle. Traditional waxes and sealants require application several times a year, offering little protection. Opti-Coat is a hard wearing, ceramic clear coating that provides superior scratch resistance, permanent protection for all factory paints, and exterior surfaces with just one professional application. Opti-Coat Pro+ is proven to be 100 times thicker than wax with it’s initial layer while offering an industry leading 7 year warranty* protecting your investment from environmental fall out such as salt, oil, bird droppings, acid, damage caused by UV rays and hard water spots.

Our attention to detail and experience makes us the #1 seller in Arizona for Opti Coat.

Opti Coat Pro+

Exterior Protection Coating

  • Immense amount of shine and durability
  • Industry leading formula
  • Scratch resistan surface
  • Protection from sun fading and harsh UV rays that cause paint damage
  • Chemical resistant
  • Professional application only
  • No more need to apply wax
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Best looking vehicle all the time!
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Opti Guard

Interior Protection Treatment

Keeping the interior of your vehicle nice just got easier.  Protect the leather and fabric from dirt, clothing dyes, body oil, spills, and sun fading.  Have your vehicle treated with Opti Guard.  We strongly suggest that you consider treatment if you carry along toddlers and pets.

Recent Opticoat Applications