Gtechniq Scottsdale I1 Fabric Coating Convertible Top Protection

Coatings and sealants are not strictly for the paints and plastics of your vehicle. Here we bring to light a wonderful product we use from our supplier Gtechniq called I1-Smart Fabric. It brings smart surface science to the surfaces of your vehicle you don’t think of as often as your paint.


-Fabric seats

-Fabric trim/panel pieces

-Floor mats

-Convertible tops

-Any other fabric/cloth surface not even just in your vehicle

As a professional auto detailing company at Pit Stop Auto Detailing, we understand what it takes to clean and maintain these surfaces of a vehicle. I1-Smart Fabric is revolutionary in the way that it changes the usual interior detailing needs of a car. With Smart Fabric as you soak the material you are coating, the product bonds to each individual fiber of cloth/cotton/etc..rather than leave a surface layer over the whole bunch of fibers. What this does is protect each fiber individually and creates more durability and an extreme hydrophobic quality. No other fabric coating does this. This layer of protection prevents:

-premature wear and fading

-liquid from staining or soaking into the fabric

-liquid from puddling up in the fabric

-UV damage

The Antibacterial version of I1 contains Biocote Click Here

This makes the surface resistant to bacteria as well after being coated.

If you are interested in this product or would like to get your vehicle protected give us a call:

Scottsdale Shop: 480-584-6115

Gilbert Shop: 480-247-6267

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