Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra: Scottsdale Volkswagon Atlas

Our first ever Volkswagon Atlas detail came in this past week to our Scottsdale shop. It’s a great looking SUV and what better way to protect the paint than a ceramic professional coating.  Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra was the protection of choice. We also decided with the customer on an additional top coat of Gtechniq Exo, a nano coating, to give even more insane gloss and shine.


We set to work on this job Friday completing a hand wash, looking over the car and doing an initial inspection. What you always want to look for at this point in car detailing is anything that raises an alarm: areas that appear to be repainted, inconsistent paint texture, swirling, scratching, damage of any kind, missing paint, and just assess the clarity of the surface. Our goal is to get the paint as perfected as possible before protecting it with the ceramic coating. For a new car like the Atlas, it is common to having water spotting or swirling from the dealership care.

Once the paint is clear, glossy and smooth, we do a final prep wash, look over our work, an finally cleanse the surface of any residual oils. We did a 2 stage correction on this job, so making sure the paint is clean of the compounds and soaps is very important in getting the ceramic coating to bond properly.

The Crystal Serum goes on small section by small section. This usually takes hours, and we take care to make sure all residue is removed during the coating process and that the cured coating is not over wiped.  The tedious work leads to an amazing result!

Take a look at the finished vehicle, the clarity and gloss are insane!!

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