Foam Hand Car Washing What's the big deal?

Using a foam cannon in your wash process is all the hype these days. Whether you’re a pro or a DIY detailer, it’s important to take a second to understand it all before you blast a load of foam all over your vehicle.

As professional detailers, finding a NEW product or general process in maintaining a vehicle that offers better quality and ease of work, at no risk of damage, that we can ALL  get on board with can be tough. You go into testing any product with the mindset of: how easy the product is to work with, making sure it’s not damaging a vehicle, and making sure it holds up to our quality standards compared to to other products we use. And of course, the process has to work with your detailing system. The foam wash has taken over this industry because it answers all those questions in the right way.

-How easy is the product to use?

Easy! Makes the job of hand washing a car easy as well.

-Is it damaging to the vehicle?

Buy the proper PH balanced foam formula and not only is it non-damaging, it actually helps prevent damage when you are hand washing as well.

-Does it hold up to the quality standards?

It can actually help improve the quality by making the wash more thorough and getting set in grime to come off easier. It also helps loosen dirt out of seams, wheel wells, and areas your wash mitt may not reach well.

Will it work with your system?

All you are doing is adding a pre soak to your wash service, adding at most 30 seconds to a minute of time per wash. What you may find is this saves time on the end of your wash having to go back over areas of heavier dirt or the hard to reach areas that can be emulsified with the foam.

So what’s the best way to use it?

There are a few ways that foam wash is used, some like to just foam and rinse, some foam and let it dwell before rinsing and going back over with a wash. At Pit Stop Auto Detailing in Scottsdale and in Gilbert, Arizona, we use Gtechniq’s Citrus foam. It’s PH balanced and safe for coated or uncoated vehicles. We use it to soak every car that gets a wash. We rinse the vehicle first to remove heavy debris. At this point we soak the entire car with the foam (make sure it’s a nice thick coat of foam), it will immediately begin to loosen and pull dirt away from the paint as well as create a very lubricated surface. We then hand wash from top to bottom rinsing the mitt often and using a grit guard in our bucket to keep dirt in the bucket. You shouldn’t need much pressure while washing, the dirt will come off easily and the thick layer of foam helps to prevent the dirt scratching into the paint. Again, part of safely washing, is rinsing the mitt often, don’t be a “one mitt wonder.” Once washed give it a really  good rinse. The surface will be safe to dry whether with a wet applied sealant or just absorbant drying towels. This method is very easy on the paint, with all the lubricity and ease of washing there’s no need for scrubbing or aggressive washing.

Another tip: It’s important to make sure the foam does not dry, so this works well with 2 people washing the vehicle. If you are doing it at home on your own try to find shade, or do it when the sun isn’t fully up. The thick coat.

At the end of the day, the big deal about using a good quality foam for your car wash is that it makes it easier, more safe, and offers a better quality result!

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